Elliott Erwitt 100e anniversaire de la tour Eiffel 1989

    Born in Paris in 1928, Elliott Erwitt is an essential photographer in the world of photography, with a career spanning over 70 years. He is known for his work in photojournalism, as well as commercial and street photography. In 1951, Erwitt joined the army and was stationed in Germany and France, where he worked as a photographer's assistant. Shortly after his departure in 1953, he was invited to join the prestigious Magnum agency by Robert Capa, with whom he had become friends while living in New York.

    With such a long and prolific career, it is not surprising that Erwitt's personal collection of works includes a multitude of images of Paris. He is known for his depictions of the boulevards, cafes, and landmarks of the city, as well as its eclectic inhabitants, including its canine residents, which feature prominently in his work. Erwitt captured many moments of Parisian life, but he is perhaps best known for his iconic photograph of the Eiffel Tower, taken in 1989.

    In this image, Erwitt uses Paris's most iconic monument as a backdrop for joyful and silhouetted subjects. The photo possesses a timeless quality often associated with the city, and it exudes a beauty and sense of humor that characterize his work. This famous photo also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower, which was completed in 1889. It represents a key moment in the city's history, as well as the work of a famous photographer.

    The Eiffel Tower itself is an iconic monument that embodies the spirit of the city of Paris. Built by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 World's Fair, it quickly became the symbol of the city and is now one of Paris's most famous attractions. The tower is a masterpiece of engineering that was built in just over two years and stands at 324 meters tall. It is often regarded as an example of industrial architecture, with its steel structure and elegant, functional design.

    The Eiffel Tower is an essential part of Paris's history, but it is also a symbol of France worldwide. It has inspired artists, writers, and photographers for over a century and remains a source of inspiration for visitors from around the world. Erwitt's photo perfectly captures the spirit of the Eiffel Tower and the city of Paris, and it remains one of the most famous images ever taken of the city.